Systemic Complexity, Learning, and the Role of Interactive Simulators

Sponsored by: Boğaziçi University Scientific Research Projects Fund
2009 – present
Description: Analyzing the effect of complexity on learning in system-dynamics based interactive simulators

Design of a Distribution Planning System for HaberTurk Newspaper

Sponsored by: HaberTurk Newspapering and Printing
2009 – 2010
Description: Design of a system that forecasts and determines delivery amounts of newspapers for sales points

Design and Implementation of Forecasting and Scheduling System for BRİSA Tire Manufacturing and Trading Inc.

Sponsored by: BRİSA
Description: Building, running and evaluating forecasting models for tire sales

Petroleum Products Forecasting System Software and Installation Project

Sponsored by: Petrol Ofisi A.Ş.
2006 – 2007
Description: Building and evaluating forecasting models for national and regional sales of petroleum products

Magazine Planning System Project

Sponsored by: Dergi Pazarlama Planlama A.Ş.
Description: Building the system that forecasts and determines delivery amounts of magazines for sales points; Supporting system implementation

Design of a Decision Support System for Eker Dairy Co. Ankara Region Distribution

Sponsored by: Eker Dairy Products Production Co.
Description: Design of a decision support system that forecasts demand of dairy products for sales points and determines vehicle routes

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